Pubblicata il 17/04/2002
I don't get time for loving you.
All of my pictures
all of your love
'r so farway.
Not into my hart.
Everything begin
one day in our life.
Do you remember?
Strange idea.
London rain end you.
Of the relationship
of people to each other.
Your pictures
whose case history
end i going to tell you
about here.
Here is no exception.
I stay love you.
Right from my hart.
I know tat
what i want show
is really the tender love
of an old man
for a little girl.
Thi is an natural feeling.
Young image.
But no matter what i do
as my love get progress.
I don't want to lose memories.
I don't get time for loving you.
With this in mind
doing everything.
I can to keep it tender.
I feel that.
I want the final battle.
I won.
Sure i do.
And have finally my rust.............
Of needle point
to re-create
a sweet image
and old-fashioned mood.
A mood of long time ago.
Long time ago.

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