Pubblicata il 18/01/2019
christmas Prayer by the Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytskii
(Greek-Catholic Church)

the only begotten Son of the Living God,
truthful God, whom we call the Word of God and the Wisdom of God.
you, who for our salvation, from the love to us, disposed to take human nature in the womb of the Most Holy Virgin Mary,
taking the human nature, have come from the sky to the earth,
becoming a real man to save us alongside with the poor shepherds and with the scientist sages,
we adore Your Holy Nativity from the Virgin in Bethlehem in the Nativity Scene,
we give worship of Veneration of God and thank You with all our hearts
for Your infinite love, that brought You to us, the miserable.
we thank you for all the invaluable gifts, that You have brought us from the heavens, for the precept of the Holy Faith, for the Holy Sacraments, for the Holy Church, for the God’s Grace,
for the supernatural virtues, that You pour into our souls,
for every good inspiration and every good engagement of our lives. As that, that seems to be our good action, is rather Your Charisma.
in the end, we beg You, Savior Christ, save us from sins and death, from the evil and calamities, save us in the eternal salvation and in everyday mercy, which you indicate in the Christian life.
bless and save our people, bless all our families, our youth,
all our associations, fraternities, institutions and organizations, and allow us to be good and faithful children of Your Ecumenical Church,
grant us those signs and those virtues,
that we need to fulfill by You-given-to-us mission.
allow us to complete, what You assign, for all the Humankind,
for all our brethren, all the peoples of the World.
let us understand that mission of ours,
love and fulfill it with all our lives.

translation from Ukrainian into English by Ivan Petryshyn
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