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Drops of silence,
white like water at dawn, fall in my head.
Warm awakening after a dream but already the light
has conquered the life of the night.
And I see your illusions
which have confused the sight.

Lips on fire, got higher the heat.
Touches were sounds, rising from the ground.

Heaven was the time lived together,
then the dark voice of betrayal ripped me away.
At sound of your laughter is came the hell,
all around burned down
and the memories became dust
which still confuse my eyes.

Truth becomes harder, shoots down the head.
There was the heaven, now only the hell.

Louder and louder, stronger your laughter,
harder than shell, darker than rest.
Just an illusion, great confusion,
for the mind which dying
without you...

Just a rumor I feel that is crying lonely
as the wolf on the hill that is howling with heart
louder, more higher.
The heart’s breaking down to the fire, were lovers.

I am just a rumor trough the white wall.
No prayer for revival, I’ll be lost forever?
Another noise wakes up from the dust
it says I must perk up to live the sun.
A force inside prompts me to run
a new rebirth quickly is getting up.
The warm, the hope, the sun, the fun,
no more sorrow or other gasps
and like the beating of the drums
a new sparkling life is just begun
and in all the rooms shouts...

A new breath I feel, because heart is free
and the wolf is happy, it runs through the trees
howling louder and louder.
A new rebirth which burns like fire, more stronger.
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Alla penultima strofa, primo verso, è THROUGH...
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At the first verse of the 7th stanza is THROUGH...

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