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Pubblicata il 12/05/2010
WooW! Doctor what is that?

The Syringe.

And what should happen between me and that threat pointed?

You will be 'given a dose of Venice.

It was cold and the boat of fruits swinging landed
gentle waves touching throw from the Grand Canal
the old keel faded.

Come on, my body, came home with this infant gait
already tired of learning to walk.

Rise up, my eyes, if you can, gaze at the moon
imagin her the color you want
the distance is an illusion tonight.
Be accompanied, sleepy,
from one (the moon) who exalts the coyote and the lion is afraid.

Sipping the salt air parched my throat the blasphemies choke the arteries
of this shining moment, under the streetlight in the Sacca della Toletta,
counting the distances that separate me from my door.

As a prisoner marking with the nails on the wall till the day of issue
get the bruises on the fingers, and limestone of this city corrodes my bones.

It was cold and the Accademia's bridge offered four possible suicide
as usual decided the braveless solution.The Road Home.

I watched that scene recycled through the ghosts of the wind
toward the basin of San Marco...

What are you doing, foot? Is this the time to break away from our body?
I have some projects that will include you!
And then the hands, Ass, the head may take the example!
and run forever rebelling nature, so perfect and irreproducible.
At least leave your shoes here, they have cost me an eye of the head!
But look around, my eyes, my hands, my arms, my legs,
Look at that *****. Salute church
requiring her beauty
flows slowly as this channel remains green even at night
As each building incites our fear
our wonder together in a cocktail of limbs and past vigor.

It was cold that night and the bridge was mine, the academy was mine,
The Grand Canal San Marco San Giorgio La Salute Ca'Rezzonico those huge rats,
The bricole, the moon ... it was all mine ... Venice was mine.

I was lying dead quartered in pieces than ever, I overdosed.

Doctor make me another dose, I no longer afraid of the syringe pointed.
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:..E per chi non conosce l'inglese?
Un suggerimento:metti la versione in italiano.

il 14/05/2010 alle 17:08

hai ragione, l'ho tradotta :-)
aspetto un commento quando la pubblicheranno.

buona giornata

il 14/05/2010 alle 18:05